Hershenson Rosenberg-Wohl, A Professional Corporation

315 Montgomery Street, 12th Fl. San Francisco, CA 94104 


Joseph B. Hershenson (B.A., Harvard, 1983; J.D., Stanford Law, 1989)

David M. Rosenberg-Wohl (B.A., Harvard, 1983; J.D., Harvard Law, 1986; Ph.D., Cal-Berkeley, 2014)



We are counselors and advocates. Our practice is focused upon representing providers.

Together, the attorneys of HRW bring nearly fifty years of experience and judgment to help those who deliver medical services understand and navigate the challenging and dynamic legal environment in which you now practice medicine. Whether explaining new laws and regulations, helping you maximize payment, guiding your organization’s growth or otherwise defending your legal interests, we seek to earn your trust.

We believe that the burdens of recent changes in American health care have fallen most heavily on providers. Already low, reimbursement is diminishing even further in 2017. Failure to comply with MACRA can mean lower Medicare payments, while AB 72 restricts even out of network physicians to a low statutory rate keyed to Medicare. It is harder than ever to maintain a private practice; concentration has become the name of the game and we expect this to remain the case into the foreseeable future no matter what happens to the ACA. Providers will increasingly have to reconsider corporate structure, mergers or acquisitions, along with new business relationships. You face a challenging environment.

David has long represented physicians in their contractual and business dealings, ranging from employment matters to partnership structure. He has served as outside counsel for the Kaiser Permanente companies, including their hospitals, health plans and physicians. His practice has involved a wide range of business, strategic and litigation advice in the health care arena, including regulatory submissions, industry competition, and particularly reimbursement and contractual relationships between hospitals, health plans and physicians. David has an extensive background in health care law, an awareness of the reimbursement-driven need to optimize payment strategies and a broad familiarity with the risks and liabilities attendant upon certain business choices.

Joseph knows how to structure, negotiate, and achieve transactions that are both sensitive and difficult. He is a transactional lawyer who has provided advice regarding mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions aggregating over $11 billion. He has extensive experience with corporate governance and regulatory compliance. He has worked with public and private companies, executives, and investors in a variety of industries, including technology and life sciences. Joseph has several decades of experience conducting negotiations and a deep familiarity with how deals need to be structured and managed so they can be brought to a successful conclusion.



We provide evaluation and advice, negotiation and advocacy for all aspects of your medical business. When necessary, we can bring and defend disputes in state and federal courts, arbitration, mediation, and the IDRP.

Particularly, we aim to help you:

Maximize reimbursement and power in contractual relationships

  • Insurers and managed care plans
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Physician groups and partnerships
  • Employees and independent contractors
  • Vendors and purchasers
  • Landlords and sublessees

Optimize economics of practice structure

  • Purchase and sale of practice
  • ACOs, IPAs and combinations of practice
  • Owning and operating ASCs
  • Ancillary service arrangements



*Legal Check-up. We are happy to have an introductory meeting with you to discuss the changing legal landscape and how it affects your practice. The charge for this service is $1,000.

*Contract review and advice. We will review any contract that you have and identify both the issues where problems often arise and where there may be room to negotiate better terms. The charge for this service is $500.

*Negotiation, general business advice, and advocacy. You may choose to have us negotiate changes to the contracts we have reviewed on your behalf. We also provide general business advice, draft agreements, and can represent you in disputes. The charge for these services is at our hourly rates.